Practical Information

Commuting between Eindhoven and Nijmegen

Most of the lectures in the TRU/e Master are not telelectured and require you to travel. The curriculum is scheduled such that you will not have to travel more than once per week on average and one-way train travel takes about one hour. Most Dutch students can take trains for free as part of their student funding; the following information lists different options for international students. We calculate the monthly cost for 4 train rides per month (for Eindhoven students who are following semester courses taught once per week in Nijmegen) and for 8 rides per month (for Nijmegen students who are following quarter courses taught twice per week in Eindhoven).

Pay for a full-fare ticket

One return ticket from Eindhoven to Nijmegen costs 26,40 Euros.
Monthly cost for 4 return rides: 105.60 Euros
Monthly cost for 8 return rides: 211.20 Euros

Travel together with a student who has a student travel card

Outside the peak hours, i.e. 09:00 - 16:00 and 18:30 - 06:30, up to three people can get a 40% discount if they travel together with a student who has a studenten OV Chipkaart.
Details on the NS website.

1-month/3-month/1-year "Dal Vrij" Ticket

During off-peak hours (9.00–16.00 and 18.30–6.30) you can travel for free, after buying a Dal Vrij Ticket. The price depends on the duration of the contract. It's either 99 Euros, 119 Euros or 129 Euros per month. For more details, see the NS abonnementen website. The schedule of TRU/e courses takes the off-peak hours into account; in particular there are no TRU/e mandatory or optional lectures in the first block.

NS Group return ticket

Up to 10 persons can travel with one NS Group return ticket. You only need to have the same destination, e.g., Eindhoven or Nijmegen, but you can travel from different departure stations at different times of the day. If you can round up 10 students, the cost is only 7 Euros per person per day. To coordinate with other students, it may be helpful to join the Facebook TRU/e group. For more details on the NS group ticket see the corresponding NS website.

Travel reimbursement procedure for TU/e students who do not have an OV-studentenkaart

At the end of each semester, fill in the form "request for payment".
Send the filled in form plus supplementary material to factuuradministratie atsign
Make sure that everything is contained in a single pdf file.
The contact person is Jan van den Klooster (j.v.d.klooster atsign
Travel reimbursement is at the moment only possible for students registered at TU/e.