The TRU/e Master in Cyber Security

Starting from September 2015, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and Radboud University (RU) offer a new Master's track or specialization in cyber security. This Master's track is a successor to the earlier Kerckhoffs Master, which was a joint Master between RU, TU/e, and University of Twente (UT).

The Master courses are taught by the Digital Security (DS) research group at the Radboud University and EI/PSI at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

For prospective students who want to get a general impression of the Master programme, check out the websites at the RU or TU/e.

For students already in the programme: while we do our best to keep this website up-to-date, be aware the official rules for the Master programme are those given in the TU/e or RU study guide, depending on which of these is your home university, These always take precedence over information on this website. For this students at the Radboud University are referred to the RU prospectus for the Master's specialisation in Cyber Security. Students at the TU/e are referred to the TU/e education guide for the Master's track in Information Security Technology (IST).

Schedule 2017/18

For locations of the lectures, please refer to the respective websites of the universities:

Note: In the first semester the RU lectures are on Fridays.

week date
36 Lectures
37 Lectures
38 Lectures
39 Lectures
40 Lectures
41 Lectures
42 Lectures
43 Lectures
44 Exams
45 Exams
46 Lectures
47 Lectures
48 Lectures
49 Lectures
50 Lectures
51 Lectures
52 Christmas vacation
1 Christmas vacation
2 Lectures
3 Lectures
4 Exams
5 Exams
6 Lectures Q3
7 Carnival. No lectures
8 Lectures
9 Lectures
10 Lectures
11 Lectures
12 Lectures
13 Lectures
14 Exams RU
15 Exams RU and TU/e
16 Exams TU/e
17 Lectures
18 no lectures
19 Lectures. TU/e closed on Friday.
20 Lectures
21 Lectures
22 Lectures
23 Lectures
24 Lectures
25 Lectures
26 Exams
27 Exams