The TRU/e Master in Cyber Security

Starting from September 2015, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and Radboud University (RU) offer a new Master's track or specialization in cyber security. This Master's track is a successor to the earlier Kerckhoffs Master, which was a joint Master between RU, TU/e, and University of Twente (UT).

The Master courses are taught by the Digital Security (DS) research group at the Radboud University and EI/PSI at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Additional information can be found at the websites of RU and TU/e, esp. the webpages about the TU/e Master's track in Information Security Technology(IST) and RU Master's specialisation in Cyber Security.

Tentative Schedule 2016/17

For locations of the lectures, please refer to the respective websites of the universities:

week date
35 No TRU/e lectures
36 First week of lectures
37 Lectures
38 Lectures
Sep 19 Borrel RU
39 Lectures
40 Lectures
41 Lectures
42 Lectures
43 Lectures TU/e. Repetition week. (Exam week RU, but no TRU/e exams)
44 Exam week
Oct 31 Exam Physical Aspects of Digital Sec. (2IMS10), 13:30
Nov 1 Exam Cryptology (2MMC10), 13:30
Nov 4 Exam Principles of Data Protection (2IMS25), 13:30
45 No lectures. (Exam week TU/e, but no TRU/e exams.)
46 Start of Q2. Lectures
47 Lectures
48 Lectures
49 Lectures
50 Lectures
51 Lectures
52 No lectures
1 No lectures
2 Lectures
3 Lectures TU/e. (Exam week RU, but no TRU/e exams)
4 Exams RU. TRU/e retakes TU/e.
5 TRU/e retakes TU/e.
6 Start of Q3. Lectures
7 Lectures
8 Lectures
9 No lectures. (Carnival)
10 Lectures
RU resits in evenings
11 Lectures
RU resits in evenings
12 Lectures
13 Lectures TU/e. (Exam week RU, but no TRU/e exams)
14 Lectures TU/e. (Exam week RU, but no TRU/e exams). ?? Check if RU resits can be put here ??
15 Exam week TU/e
16 Exam week TU/e
Apr 17 No lectures (Easter)
Apr 20 Privacy seminar
17 No lectures. (meivakantie + koningsdag)
18 Lectures, except Friday May 5 (liberation day)
19 Lectures
20 Lectures
21 Lectures, except May 25+26 (Thursday + Friday)
22 Lectures
23 Lectures, except Monday June 5 (Pentecost)
24 Lectures TU/e. (Exam week RU, but no TRU/e exams)
25 TRU/e exams RU
26 TRU/e exams TU/e
27 TRU/e exams TU/e