The TRU/e Master in Cyber Security

Starting from September 2015, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and Radboud University (RU) offer a new Master's track or specialization in cyber security. This Master's track is a successor to the earlier Kerckhoffs Master, which was a joint Master between RU, TU/e, and University of Twente (UT).

The Master courses are taught by the Digital Security (DS) research group at the Radboud University and EI/PSI at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Additional information can be found at the websites of RU and TU/e, esp. the webpages about the TU/e Master's track in Information Security Technology(IST) and RU Master's specialisation in Cyber Security.

Schedule 2016/17

For locations of the lectures, please refer to the respective websites of the universities:

Unfortunately, the academic year at TUE starts one week later than at RU in 2016/2017, which means that all quarters and exam periods are offset by one week. This means that the first weeks of the RU semesters and quarters will not be used for lectures. Specifically, for Q3 this means that there are no RU lectures in week 5.
week date
35 No TRU/e lectures
36 First week of lectures
37 Lectures
38 Lectures
Sep 19 Borrel RU
39 Lectures
40 Lectures
41 Lectures
42 Lectures
43 Lectures TU/e. Repetition week. (Exam week RU, but no TRU/e exams)
44 Exam week
Oct 31 Exam Physical Aspects of Digital Sec. (2IMS10), 13:30
Nov 1 Exam Cryptology (2MMC10), 13:30
Nov 4 Exam Principles of Data Protection (2IMS25), 13:30
45 No lectures. (Exam week TU/e, but no TRU/e exams.)
46 Start of Q2. Lectures
47 Lectures
48 Lectures
49 Lectures
50 Lectures
51 Lectures
52 No lectures
1 No lectures
2 Lectures
3 Lectures TU/e. (Exam week RU, but no TRU/e exams)
4 Exams RU. TRU/e retakes TU/e.
Jan 23 Exam Security in Organisations, 12:30
Can also be taken in Eindhoven in case of PDP retake!
Jan 23 Retake Principles of Data Protection, 18:00
Jan 24 Retake Cryptology, 13:30
Jan 26 Exam Law in Cyberspace, 12:30
Jan 27 Exam Software Security, 13:30
5 TRU/e retakes TU/e.
Jan 30 Retake Physical Aspects of Digital Security, 18:00
Jan 31 Exam Hacker's Hut, 09:00
6 Start of Q3. Lectures
7 Lectures
8 Lectures
9 No lectures. (Carnival)
10 Lectures; RU resits in evenings
11 Lectures; RU resits in evenings
Mar 15 Resit Law in Cyberspace 18:00-21:00
Mar ?? Resit Security in Organisations TBA
Mar ?? Resit Software Security TBA
12 Lectures
13 Lectures TU/e. (Exam week RU, but no TRU/e exams)
14 Lectures TU/e. (Exam week RU, but no TRU/e exams). ?? Check if RU resits can be put here ??
15 Exam week TU/e. Lectures RU (if there are no clashes?)
Apr 10 Lectures RU
Apr 11 Exam Verification of Security Protocols, 13:30
Apr 13 Privacy Seminar RU
16 Exam week TU/e. Lectures RU, but not on Monday (Easter)
Apr 17 No lectures (Easter)
Apr 18 Exam Cryptographic Protocols, 09:00
Apr 20 Privacy seminar
17 Start of Q4. No lectures at RU, lectures on Mon through Wed at TU/e
18 Start of Q4 at TU/e. Lectures, except Friday May 5 (liberation day)
19 Lectures
20 Lectures
21 Lectures, except May 25+26 (Thursday + Friday)
22 Lectures
23 Lectures, except Monday June 5 (Pentecost)
24 Lectures TU/e. (Exam week RU, but no TRU/e exams)
25 TRU/e exams RU
26 TRU/e exams TU/e
June 29 Resit Verification of Security Protocols, 18:00
June 30 Resit Cryptographic Protocols, 18:00
27 TRU/e exams TU/e