Admission procedure

Preliminary registration

If you want to join the TRU/e Cyber Security Master, please inform us as soon as possible. Simply fill in the form below and click on "Preliminary Registration".
We highly recommend you to register for the TRU/e students mailing list. We use this mailing list to reach all students with important information.

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Enrolling at your home university

To really enter the TRU/e Master's track, you need to first enroll at your primary, "home", university. For details on the admission procedure, please refer to the respective websites of the two universities:

Enrolling at the other university

After registration at the primary university has been completed, you need to register as a computer science student at the other university (in order to follow the courses offered by that university, and to be able to take exams).

NB you should not do this secondary registration via Studielink, the central website for university registrations in the Netherlands, but directly at the university in question, as explained below.

By law, these secondary registrations, which are called subsidiary registrations at RU and elective registrations at TU/e, are free of charge. Make sure you include a "Bewijs van Betaald Collegegeld" (proof of admission fee paid) issued by the student administration (of your primary university) with the secondary registration requests.

For the secondary registration at Radboud University (for students whose home university is TU Eindhoven), as a so-called subsidiary student, you will need to do the following (see also this webpage):

Send the complete package of those documents to

Radboud University
attention of Perry Groot
Education Center Faculty of Science
Heijendaalseweg 135
6526 AJ Nijmegen

Alternatively, bring the package in person to

Perry Groot
Room HG00.541
Mondays and Tuesdays, 8:20–16:00

For the secondary registration at TU Eindhoven, (for students whose home university is Radboud University), as a so-called elective student, you will need (see also this website):

Admission requirements

Students with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from a Dutch university are automatically admitted to the Master at TU Eindhoven and at Radboud University.

Students from a polytechnic (in Dutch: HBO) with a degree in computer science will also be admitted, but need to follow an extended program with additional courses that aim to cover missing parts in their background. Check the information provided by your primary university.

Foreign students, or students with a different academic degree will be admitted on a case by case basis. A personal interview may be part of the admission procedure.

Further Information

For more information on the TRU/e Master in Cyber Security, do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to meet you and work with you to make the TRU/e Master in Cyber Security a success!