Changes in courses and scheduling in 2021-2022

As the new curriculums at TU/e and RU are being phased in, there will be some changes to the courses and to the scheduling of courses in 2021-2022. There will also be some new courses that you can take as electives.

For the precise rules of what is allowed, check the exam regulations of your `home' university. (For a summary and pointers, check out transition to the new curriculum at RU or to the new curriculum at RU or transition to the new curriculum at TU/e.)

You can simply complete the old curriculum, but it may have advantages to switch to the new curriculum (especially if in the upcoming second year of your Master you still have to do some of the mandatory courses). Alternatively, you can do a combination of the old and new curriculum: the exam regulations will provide plenty of leeway to let you design your study programme to suit your own preference, and the examination boards may allow you even more leeway on an ad-hoc basis, as the transition to the new curriculums should of course not adversely affect existing students.

Below we list the changes in the courses and scheduling for the 2021/2022, which may also affect you if you stick to the old curriculum.

Changes at RU in 2021/2022

Changes at TU/ in 2021/2022